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Personal Training

Stop that lethargic feeling and get your zest for life back with our Health & Fitness packages


Whether accommodating old injuries or learning to adjust to new ones, recoup, recover & repair here

Self Training Guides

Train, Eat & Think better with our easy to use self training guides for beginners through to advanced


Everything you need to make your journey easier, fun and more you! Whether training or rehabilitation

Take A Closer Look

Good Health and Fitness starts in the home, which is why STARTfit is a unique, specialist Health & Lifestyle programme that Comes To You. Whether your goal is fitness related or rehabilitation focussed, you will find all the solutions you’re looking for right here, because our intent is to provide you with everything you need to make long-term lifestyle change. To discover why STARTfit is so unique have a look at some of our features highlighted below. If you already know we are the right choice for you then pick from our Personal Training, Rehabilitation or Self-Training Guides and start your journey to real lifestyle change; Get Results, Feel Success, Think Smart, STARTfit!

For Fitness

If it’s a body re-vamp you’re after then look at our Personal Training Packages; from body conditioning plans to complete transformations there’s a solution perfect for your fitBody fitness goals. In here you’ll also find the secret to your long-term success; training for the mind and soul. Want to finally break out of that stagnant rut and feel energised, re-focussed and clear headed? Then check out our fitMind & fitSoul packages.

For Rehabilitation

If you’re looking for help recovering from stroke, back care problems, or simply want to improve your posture then its our Rehabilitation packages you need. Our goal is to help you to return to the best health possible so if there is potential there we will find it. Bringing together the knowledge of anatomy & physiology with neurological rehabilitation we help your progression towards free movement, independence and strength re-building. Find out how we can help you recoup, recover & repair in our Rehabilitation section

Why We Are Different

Neuro Recovery

Qualified in Neuro Rehabilitation STARTfit also offers this unique option for stroke survivors. Bringing together physical & psychological rehabilitation to expedite recovery potential

Expert Rehab

We’re all different and so your training should be bespoke to your body. Having a free consultation with a qualified physiotherapist before any programme is created for you to ensure your training is tailored to exactly your needs; that’s sensible training

Relax & Recover

Changing your body shape means large demands on your muscles, and so why not include massage as a fundamental part of your approach to change. Perfect for newcomers to fitness and trained athletes alike, what a great way to reward your body!

Change Your Thinking

Health isn’t just about your physique; your mind is the powerhouse to your success. Using evidence-based techniques our fitMind Packs bring big changes to help you overcome anxiety, stress & low confidence to help you be the person you want to be

Understand Nutrition

Almost all fitness programmes on the market tell you what to eat through recipe options and menu plans, but hardly any actually teach you what Carbs, fats, protein and sugar actually do to your body. Armed with this little bit of knowledge means you never have to count calories… ever

Decipher Labels

Learn the tricks when it comes to food labels and false advertising, and know once and for all when to recognise a fad from a fact. Our Fundamentals packages ensure you are empowered with the knowledge to easily make the right choices; it’s really is easy when you know how

Establish New Habits

The only fitness approach to incorporate Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) techniques to ensure your new routine works, for the long-haul. This is what makes Lifestyle Change Possible, so if you’ve tried ‘everything’, this is the difference….


Life is fast-paced these days and fitting everything in can be tough. Exercising the mind as well as the body is essential, which is why STARTfit is about the body, mind and soul. Train your brain and the body will follow; get in it for the long-haul!
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