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For Professionals

We provide the only programme in the UK tailored for professionals so we understand how important it is for you to manage fitness in between meetings, busy schedules and home life.

Flexible Training

Our flexible approach to training means you can fit your sessions in around your own calendar, without worrying about sticking to rigid timings like other PTs require.

Evidence Based

We’ve chosen our training providers wisely, meaning we’ve learnt from the best. The techniques we use are researched and evidenced so that you receive expert and unique training for fully rounded results.

Home Based

We come to you; this is the efficient way to train. No delays travelling to and from the gym, we train then you get on with your day. Time no longer needs to be a factor, which is why this is the smart way to expedite results and invest in your future health.

The Lightbulb

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The Creation

STARTfit is about creating an entire lifestyle-shift that leads to long-term change, meaning you can look & feel great, with a routine that just feels 'normal'; hope you find it as refreshing as I do! Please enjoy my site – hope to see you soon!