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What they Said

STARTfit customer, Clare Rowson
Finding STARTfit was the best thing I have done in a long time! Refreshing, invigorating, fun, fulfilling and above all great fun. An inspiring, professional programme that truly delivers.
Clare Rowson, 42
John Doe
I couldn't have asked for a better trainer than Natasha, genuinely interested in my goals and so easy to get on with! Although there was a lot of sweats and grunts there were twice as many laughs.
Bethan Pugh, 27
John Doe
Thanks to Startfit I am now aware of the importance of eating healthy as well as an active lifestyle. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is serious about wanting to make a change to their lifestyle!
Sarah Younghusband, 32
John Doe
The nutrition part of the plan has completely altered my eating habits and choices for the better. I am really excited about continuing my training as I am now starting to see and feel the benefits.
Bethan Pugh, 27
John Doe
Positive results were achieved surprisingly quickly in both how I felt and in changed body shape, evident each morning from the mirror and the scales!
Rob, 58

Save Up To £425!

Try our Partner PT, just like Rob & Liz! You get an exciting, fun and motivating workout with a friend or partner at a cheaper cost to you! See the Prices below for details.


Phase I & I+

Conditioning Packages

/ session
Monthly DD payment
No contract
(you stop when you want to)
Includes online access to personalised fitness material

Monthly & Partner PT Prices

1 Session/wk: £164 Solo PT
Partner PT: £99 each
2 sessions/wk: £328 Solo PT
Partner PT: £199 each
3 sessions/wk: £492 Solo PT
Partner PT: £299 each
All sessions are 60 minutes
Phase II:

Transformation Package

12 Week training plan
Split your payments into 2 instalments
Includes free nutrition & goal setting session, plus online access

Instalments & Partner PT Prices

Solo PT: 2 instalments of £500
Partner PT: 2 instalments of £300 each (only £600 per person)
Save £400 with Partner PT
Payments weeks 1 & 6
All sessions are 60 minutes

Conditioning & Transformation

20 Week Training Plan
Split your payments into 3 instalments
Just £36 per session: Save £216

Instalments & Partner PT Prices

Solo PT: 3 instalments of £480
Partner PT: 3 instalments of £330 each (only £990 per person)
Save £450 with Partner PT: that’s under £25 per session!
Payments weeks 1, 6 & 12
All sessions are 60 minutes


3-4 hours of 1-2-1 training
Group sessions only £45 per person
You do not need to be enrolled on a PT course to book!

Choose Your Workshop

Nutrition Nailed
Time Managed
Cooking Class
7 Day Nutrition Action Plan
Learn to love your body; shed those extra pounds and be proud that the way you look and feel is down to the smart choices you’ve made. No fads, no gimmicks and certainly no diets! Just switched on training for long-lasting results!